What goes into making a high-class belt?

Making a high-class belt is an exceedingly difficult task. Though it may look simple at first, the leatherwork that goes into it is far from it. It takes a lot of effort, thinking and skill to craft a unique belt. 

In this article, we’ll go over what really makes a handcrafted high-class belt shine.

The Leather

To make a high-class belt, you need to use high-quality leather. The leatherworkers that make the best handcrafted belts in the world will not use the same leather as your average Joe. This will usually involve careful animal selection. 

Afterward, the leather is vegetable tanned, to ensure that it takes the most out of the raw materials. This ensures that the leather is thick and sturdy enough to take the brunt of the elements for the years to come.

This leather is hand-cut and formed into the shape of the belt. This is done according to extremely careful measures set before.

The Artistry

The true appeal of a handcrafted, high-class belt is that it is unique. There are no 2 hand-crafted belts that are the same. It is the knowledge that someone has spent a lot of their time and effort into making the belt you are holding that makes it special.

The belt is stitched together carefully with linen. This is done with almost machine-like precision. Afterward, dyes are carefully applied in layers, so that they don’t get removed even through decades of use.

The classic leather look is only achieved after this is completed. The art of crafting belts has been passed down up until this day for this moment, where the belt is finished. A hand-crafted belt is stylish, it is what becomes of a fashion icon.

You don’t need to wear a full-on leather jacket in order to exhume the same energy, all you need is one particular piece of leather. 

A quality handcrafted belt can bring together an outfit, it can salvage a mediocre look and make it appear more classy and refined.