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The Kansas is a federal state of the United States of America Midwest and is located in the geographic center of North America.

Kansas The name comes from the word Sioux Kansa, which means “people of the south wind”. It was home to many Native Americans. Sioux strain, which hunted there the American bison. Since 1850 with the arrival of the American colonists, she became the scene of bloody Indian Wars. In this strange and wild land, inhabited by nomadic tribes and large herds, it was also recorded the presence it outlaws and bandits, whose inclination to the use of the gun was well known. It tells of their legendary exploits and their eccentric leather clothes and personalized accessories. Belts, cartridge belts, holsters, bags and covers for guns, boots and horse saddles all strictly vegetable tanned, have increasingly come to represent the soul of the gunman.

With the name of Kansas we wanted to evoke some fascinating stories of the past.

The main characteristics of this leather are: firm tanning at greased vegetable tallow, smooth surface, aniline finishing with matt appearance.

Article. Kansas can ‘be used in various sectors such as leather goods, belts, furniture and coating interior, also request the treatment for floors.

Certified by the consortium “Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather”.

Quarter (1/4) / app. 0.3-0.35 m2 = 3.5ft²

Single shoulder (1/2) approx. 7 sqft

Weight N/A