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The Gaucho is the herdsman of the pampas of South America. The Ghachos, similar to North American Cow Boy, are characterized by their ability to ride and also in the use of “Bolas”, stone balls tied to leather laces swirled over their heads, and once thrown, they roll around at the legs of the prey.

And in honor of this legendary knight of the pampas, which at the beginning of the 70s, we decided to give the name of Gaucho to this leather, which made its main feature of the naturalness.

His tanning is firm, fattened in tallow. Its surface is smooth with aniline finishing. All these characteristics can enhance the natural grain of the skin and its warm shades of color. Even today, despite the age ‘remains one of the most requested items in our collection.

Certified by the Consortium “Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather”.

Ideal for belts, leather goods, chairs, sofas, furnishing accessories and wall coverings.

Quarter (1/4) / app. 0.3-0.35 m2 = 3.5ft²

Single shoulder (1/2) approx. 7 sqft

Weight N/A