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 The nineties represented a great turning point for our tannery. We began to perceive that the market was changing and so, driven too by the great curiosity, we decided to explore new product sectors. You breathed a new air, the desire for change, creativity, experimentation. The greatest evolution occurred above all in the Interior Design sector. The house had changed skin, becoming the new “center” for the individual. Young designers and architects, brought new life to the market, redesigning and revisiting the concept of how to live environments. In the most important cities, fashion capitals, were built beautiful Luxury Hotels, with wonderful rooms for guests, halls, bars and restaurants, but also new libraries, museums and cultural centers. Real masterpieces of architecture and design. The password was to dare. And for this reason, that our research, led us to the realization of the art. Tuscany, in honor of our “Tuscany”, a land rich in tradition, but also of innovation. A bright, rich leather with a new wide range of colors, ranging from taupe gray to tangerine, never used before, in the furniture industry. The success was immediate, from the classic application for sofas and armchairs, we went to the creation of chairs, furniture, tables, carpets, wall cladding.


This leather is particularly suitable for elegant and refined environments, but also for leather goods. The tanning is vegetable-based for basic colors, and white (synthetic) for pastel colors.

It has a very natural appearance with a glossy finish. The surface is smooth to the touch, with a nice pull up effect. Vastissima is the range of vegetable and pastel colors specifically designed for interiors.

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