COGNAC - PUEBLO - 1.8-2.0mm / 4.5-5 OZ

COGNAC - PUEBLO - 1.8-2.0mm / 4.5-5 OZ

Badalassi Carlo
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Popular among artisans, vegetable-tanned leather with rich vibrant colors. This skin is of the highest quality, not rigid, has an elastic filled structure over the entire area.

This skin has an indescribable vintage face, with a juicy deep color. Over time, the skin is easily patinated and takes on an even richer and more refined look.

 Pueblo leather is very pleasant to the touch, easy to cut and process. Suitable for manual and machine stitching.

Quarter (1/4) / app. 0.3-0.35 m2 = 3.5ft²

Single shoulder (1/2) approx. 7 sqft