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We decided to use the lucky name of "Arizona", 'cause while watching a documentary, the late' 60s, We were impressed by the sense of absolute beauty of its natural parks, including the most spectacular of the earth and the majesty 'of its landscapes.

When we speak of "Vera Vacchetta 'and' our article Arizona, we are talking about. Born in 1970 and 'even today, the production of our most 'sold and perhaps the most famous. The term " Vacchetta", indicates a cowhide tanned entirely with natual estract, inside of Iroko wooden barrels, or in tanks, for a time of at least 30 days, and greased tallow.

Producing the "Vera Vacchetta” 'and' a real own philosophy of life and we, of this philosophy, we both loved since the early 60s. The produce on a daily basis, still following our old recipes today, to meet growing market demand. We can not and do not want to reduce the time of production, and for this reason we have to never stop, and always produce the same criterion. The vacchetta needs of his time. To obtain a high quality cowhide 'takes six key ingredients: tradition, well-selected leathers, tested recipes, pure ground water, time and patience.

Below you will find listed all the features of our vacchetta named "Arizona":

The tanning contains a natural tannins mix such as chestnut, quebracho. mimosa, the tare, the myrobalan etc. The fattening tallow e'di animal / plant, produced in our tannery. This oil has the peculiarity 'to convey a natural shine, thanks excellent reactivity 'to rubbing, obtained with a felt cloth, or with an amber stone.

Other features Included are: softness, lightweight water-repellent, the unique scent and durability 'over time. And 'drum dyed. It has a natural and constant drumming, over the entire skin surface. It has the typical effect of black push pin, a tumbled cowhide (ie 'light on the underside, more' dark on the tips). Aniline finished. semi-gloss appearance.

This leather and 'ideal for the production of objects, such as footwear and leather goods, belts and sofas another merit, designed to last for a long time. Usually the products made with this leather, they do not follow fashions, it trends. Article Arizona absorbs the traces of our lives, is colored with the passage of time, aging but not ruined.

Quarter (1/4) / app. 0.3-0.35 m2 = 3.5ft²

Single shoulder (1/2) approx. 7 sqft