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LEDER OGAWA established in 1971 as Specialized Finisher of Cordovan.

Company story started from encounter with certain boots when he was a child.

Its beauty cannot be gained from other leathers.
From ancient times to today, it has been loved by people with aesthetic eyes that are not swept away by the times and trends.
It is used for personal items such as well-made shoes, wallets, and notebooks, and it is still strong and loved all over the world.

A cordovan is born from a special fiber layer, the cordovan layer, in the horse’s buttocks. Horses with a good cordovan layer are limited to European heavy stallions (large horses). In other words, parts and production areas are limited, and cordovan has become very rare since the raw material acquisition stage.

At LEDER OGAWA, only the finest selected leathers of this rare cordovan are made with 100% mimosa tannins and traditionally and carefully tanned from Shinki leather. We manufacture cordovans with

One piece, one piece, and a craftsman’s skill cultivated by experience and technology supported by many years of research and development, we are sending out a cordovan with a unique beauty in the world.

Manufacturing process. Carefully & Gently Hand-made by artisans.
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