Dollaro is the most popular leather article of Conceria Walpier after buttero. 

The recipe has been improving for over 45 years and reached the top of perfection.

Dollaro is made on the same base as buttero but it has been embossed and covered with a layer of pigments. The grain has a beautiful " pattern with a nice 2 tone finish. The character is firm (thanks to embossing) that gives nice rigidity to your products. Dollaro is durable, it is not prone to patination and has high scratch resistance.

Quarter (1/4) / app. 0.3-0.35 m2 = 3.5ft²

Single shoulder (1/2) approx. 7 sqft

Panles :

25x12 cm - 9.8x4.7 in

30x30 cm - 12x12 in

23x40 cm - 9x16 in - we can split to 0.6 mm-1.5 OZ (make a note at checkout) 

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