ART.IDROARIZONA Year of production 2019. In 2013 we decided to initiate a new research and development project called “IDRO“ which was focused on creating a line of hides distinguished by the following characteristics: water-repellent, breathable, vegetable-tanned and chrome-free. In the following years, we realized that this research project was probably the most difficult and aspiring endeavor that we had ever embarked upon because the tannin used for vegetable tanning is soluble and has a tendency to absorb water due to its molecular structure. In 2018, we succeeded in fulfilling this project. In 2019 we released IdroArizona to the market – a hide with excellent water resistance and forming the latest iteration of our original product known as Arizona.  Continuously manufactured since 1970, Arizona is still the best-selling hide today.


 Processing: vegetable-tanned cowhide, drum dyed, water repellent both on the surface and inside the fiber, chrome-free.

 Surface: soft with natural and homogeneous grain spread over its entire surface.

 Finish: water-repellent, greasy to the touch.


 This line of hides has a protective waterproof treatment, but the continuous exposure to atmospheric agents such as "sunlight or artificial light, rain, wind, pollution", and improper use by people and pets, or general neglect could lead to the acceleration of the aging process. Being a natural material, if used for outdoor objects we strongly recommend taking all the necessary precautions such as: the use of protective covers, or protected areas such as porches and gazebos. 

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