Ecbatana was an ancient city of the MEDI reign (now Iran) founded in VI century b.C. and connected with Smirne (on the Aegean sea) through the 300 Km originally known as the Royal Road of Persia. According to the historian Erodotus (V century b.C.) that way was the central core of what , with Alessandro Magno, became the historic “Silk Road”.

A myth of the trip, that united the Mediterranean to the Far East in the ancient world.

To this myth we dedicate this article, calling it just with the name of one of the two terminus cities of the original route. A leather with a worn look and natural, just as the great travellers were, that very well fits in the Carlo Badalassi philosophy : giving value to the naturalness of the leather, even through the imperfections.

The base of Ectabana is a vegetable tanned leather and fatliquored with animal fat, following the tradition. The further phases consist in skilled artisan manufactures, in fact all the engravings, holes and scratches are totally handmade. You will not have a skin like another. Next step is the coloring, this also handmade and at the end we do a polishing with amber stone.

The final result is an article with a strong personality and great originality that , for sure, will not be afraid neither of the time nor of the trends.

Fashions fade in memory, but the Silk Road remains.

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